Conference Advisory Committee (ICSMGE)
President: Jean-Louis Briaud (ISSMGE President)
Members: Ivan Vanicek (Vice President Europe), Neil Taylor (General Secretary), Mamdouh Hamza (17ICSMGE Chairman), Pedro Seco e Pinto (ISSMGE Immediate Past President), Suzanne Lacasse (President of the Technical Oversight Committee), Roger Frank (18ICSMGE President of the National advisory Committee), Philippe Mestat (18ICSMGE President of the Conference Organizing Committee), Alain Guilloux (18ICSMGE Vice President of the Conference Organizing Committee),

Conference Organizing Committee
President: Philippe Mestat
Vice President: Alain Guilloux

Strategic advisory Committee
President: Roger Frank
Vice President: Alain Puech

Scientific Committee (Complete list click here)
President: Francois Schlosser
Vice President: Jacques Desrues
Vice President: Pierre Delage

Committee for the French-speaking World
President: Jean-Pierre Magnan
Vice President: Claude Plumelle
Vice President: Mounir Bouassida

Committee for Sponsors and Exhibition
President: Valerie Bernhardt
Vice President: Jacques Robert

Organizing Committee for the Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference
President: Yu-Jun Cui
Vice President: Fabrice Emeriault
Members : Severine Beaunier – Valerie Bernhardt ? Nathalie Borie ? Laurent Briancon – Yu-Jun Cui ? Pierre Delage – Jacques Desrues ? Francois Depardon – Philippe Gotteland -Pierre Habib – Roger Frank – Philippe Liausu – Stephane Monleau -Claude Plumelle – Alain Puech – Jacques Robert ? Frederic Rocher-Lacoste ? David Remaud ? Francoise Ropers ? Francois Schlosser